Winds of Change


I still remember how I would shiver in front of others during Katalyst training sessions! Once Sunit sir gave me a mike in a session to speak a few words but I was at a loss of words due to my low confidence. So I passed the mike to the other girl. That was the moment I walked away with a feeling of not being able to do anything. But Katalyst changed my outlook towards life.

I am Shashikala Chougule. I come from a small village in Satara district. As I scored extremely well in class 12, I got admission in VJTI College. But as someone great said that cut your coat according to your cloth, I thought I shouldn’t join VJTI as my father would have found it difficult to invest in my education which cost much more than his earning on the farm. A VJTI professor convinced me to join the college. I was introduced to Katalyst Program through my college and life changed!

I always felt there was a gap between me and my friends. But one person in my life wasjust like my elder sister, most trusted friend, and a guide to living a positive life, my mentor, changed my attitude towards myself. I have learnt the art of loving myself, all because of my mentor. Katalyst runs a mentorship program which provides you with an opportunity to interact with experienced people from various fields. My mentor is my family. It is difficult to find a guide in one’s life; I was fortunate to have one in my life because of Katalyst. She gave me a few guiding principles to a healthy professional life. She helped me in every aspect, from helping me make my resume, to getting internship during engineering and most importantly getting an interview at Godrej and Boyce last year.

I express my gratitude to every person in the Katalyst program who helped me during my engineering days develop into a confident and independent girl. I can proudly say that I got placed at the most reputed company, Godrej and Boyce, as Graduate Engineer Trainee earning 3.6 lakhs per annum.

Shashikala Chougule

Rising Star


Away from home, we need support of someone not just financially but emotionally as well. It brings challenges for us as it involves making daily life choices. Everyone wants change in their life as it makes their life enriching. I witnessed this change within me because of Katalyst Program. Now I am not afraid of making decisions for my life.
I am Apurva Patil, a third year B. tech student in Mechanical branch, COEP. My hometown is in Nashik.

Difficulty was another meaning of life for me but in the transformational journey of Katalyst, I realized that nothing is difficult in life; it is all about our attitude towards the situation and how we cope with it. This is the result of our Katalyst training sessions which always provide us with a platform to practically implement the skill taught through various interventions in the session.

With the transformational journey and attitude of facing the challenges courageously, I have inculcated the value of learning throughout my life to enhance soft skills which drives me. So I keep looking for different opportunities to excel in life. As a first step, I try volunteering with Katalyst for their various activities, to be more confident and be able to speak to people with clarity. Now I have started to live a life with a difference, and I aim to give the benefit I am getting in Katalyst to more girls like me so that they too get a friend for life to guide them through the path.

Katalyst program is not just a source of getting money but a place to grow into a rising star.

Apurva Patil