Award-winning NGO for women’s empowerment

We empower women to
  • dream bigger
  • aim higher
  • pursue opportunities
  • break barriers
  • become leaders

At Katalyst India, we strive for the economic empowerment of women and helping bridge the gender divide. We prepare young women in STEM for leadership roles by providing communication, in-depth technical, job-readiness skills training, mentorship, and financial support. Beneficiaries of our initiatives—our ‘Katalysts’—are capable, valuable talent, eager to shape their own futures as well as the world’s.

Katalyst creates IMPACT

With your support, we have directly impacted 1777 women across 4 cities, with 908 currently in the program.

Katalysts in action


are at a managerial level


are at a senior leadership level


higher median salary is offered to Katalysts


outperform their peers at the workplace

Our Interventions

Other Initiatives


Enabling Women to Lead a Purposeful Life

The Alkemist Program is curated for women (22 – 30 years) who want to lead purposeful lives. The ethos of the program is to prepare women to gain equity in opportunities and leadership, be it professional, social or personal.


Post-graduate education for Katalyst students and alumni

Through post-graduate programs in India and overseas, the Akcelerator Program gives Katalyst alumni and students access to the skills and education required to compete in the global marketplace. This program is designed to accelerate the career advancement of women who aspire to thrive intellectually and professionally.

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