The mentor program offers Katalysts an opportunity to interact with mature, educated individuals with varied professional experience outside their communities who can guide them and expose them to a new set of experiences and perspectives.

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Core curriculum

Many of these students are first-generation students at these levels and thus are disadvantaged in terms of general exposure and in terms of role models, compared to their peers from privileged backgrounds.

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Katalyst believes that every student should get exposed to a world beyond its reach to learn and explore. Hence Katalyst provides its students with assistance in getting internships.

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Field Visits

Field visits expose Katalyst girls to different industries. It includes floor walks in a factory or a company and provides a better understanding of different processes, functions and departments.

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Guest Speaker

Exposure to new experiences and people helps Katalyst girls to learn, get inspired, aspire and act. We at Katalyst make girls interact with celebrated personalities from various fields.

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Tech Support

Katalyst gives new laptops to each Katalyst girl at subsidized rates. It gives girls access to technology, internet and computer programs.

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Medical Insurance

Katalyst provides medical insurance to the student and her mother or female guardian. The daughter is expected to chip in and substitute if mother takes ill affecting studies.

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Financial Support

Katalyst gives financial support to its students as incentive. A scorecard is maintained where each student is given a grade for each of the following parameters

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