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Helping young women lead purposeful lives

The Alkemist Program is specially curated for women in early careers, to transform them into leaders and make them assets to their organizations. The ethos of program is to prepare these women—who have conviction, courage, and empathy—to gain equity in opportunities and leadership, be it professional, social, or personal.

It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

A unique curriculum that works from the inside out

A journey to accept ourselves and create a space that belongs to us

Who is this
program for?

To join the Alkemist Program for leadership development, applicants must meet our admissions requirements:

  • Be a woman with 0-9 years of experience

Alkemist interventions

Trust Group

Each participant joins a ‘Trust Group’ facilitated by an experienced coach, who is internationally or nationally certified. The Trust Group meets with their coach once a month.

Professional coaching sessions


Career & personal counselling

Participants have one-on-one sessions for personal counselling to discuss both professional plans and personal matters.

Masterclasses and workshops

Power-packed workshops on topics that will enhance the participants’ personal as well as professional approach.

These workshops are conducted by industry specialists and provide hands-on techniques to deal with conflict, politics, and challenges, thus grooming their minds to become more solution-focused and tactful.

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Speaker series

Through 3 sessions a year, esteemed speakers engage with participants, helping them get insights from entrepreneurs, corporates, the social sector, and government/public sector leaders.

Leadership outbound

Two offsite programs during each 3-year course offer experiential learning, leadership sessions, and team-building activities.